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Yes, They Will Kill You!

  “Nonviolent revolutions will never work because the psychopath dictator will kill you …he will kill all of you if necessary.”   It is certainly true that many dictators kill easily and will kill great numbers of their own people in order to hold onto power. It is interesting that the following argument is seldom […]

Your Cancer & Government Failure

Is cancer something we did to ourselves? Are we poisoning ourselves with the chemicals we use? New studies strongly suggest that cancer is a new phenomena, that ancient humans did not get cancer. The scientists’ conclusion: we created cancer. How did we do this to ourselves? There are roughly 8,000 chemicals in common use in […]

Why Activism

Why would an ordinary person become an activist? Why would an ordinary person risk being fired or arrested or killed for some cause? Walmart employees and fast food workers know that trying to organize a union or going on strike will likely get you fired. During the Arab Spring, the demonstrators knew that they were […]

It’s The Lack of Jobs, Stupid!

A General Systems Law: Complex systems such as economies go through cycles of peaks and valleys. A Rule for Good Government: Governments should increase their spending when the economy is faltering and should cut their spending when the economy is booming. The boom periods would be restrained somewhat and the downturns would be ameliorated. This […]

Being Poor is so Expensive!

My friend John was downsized out of his job about a year ago. He ended up working for Walmart for a fraction of his previous salary. A few months after starting at Walmart, John said to me: “I never realized being poor takes so much time. It takes me hours to get to work. Any […]

OWS Must be Wolves, Not Coyotes

Coyotes are solitary critters and can’t stand against a foe that is bigger than they are. Wolves are pack animals that can and do defeat even grizzly bears. Wall Street is at least a grizzly.   Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest documents that vast numbers of committed activists are working on many many progressive causes all […]

Banks vs the 99%

Bank of America just got a slap on the wrist for reportedly stealing something on the order of 4.5 billion dollars from its debit card customers.   Here’s how the bank scam works. Suppose one day you use your debit card to make three purchases, all around ten dollars. Then you end your day with […]


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