Time for Class Warfare! According to Warren Buffett, “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

President Obama suggests that the rich should pay a fair share in taxes and the usual gang of politicians and pundits begin bellowing “class warfare!” Further, they argue that taxing the rich will hurt the economy and kill jobs.

Do you suppose any of these politicians and pundits actually believe any of this crap? I am willing to grant that there may be a few of them who are merely stupid, but the vast majority seem to be simply bought by the super-rich.

The Bible lists avarice as one of the mortal sins. Avarice means the desire to amass worldly goods without limit, a passion for riches and luxury. A person caught in the grip of avarice is one who worships the almighty dollar and they never have enough.

It is time to recognize that some of our super-rich individuals and their corporations are engaged in class warfare against all the rest of us. This war has been going on for decades and the super-rich have managed to game the system to transfer wealth from ordinary people into their own pockets. This shows up in tax loopholes, in corporate subsidies, in sweetheart contracts, and in laws/regulations that, for instance, prevent credit unions from competing with banks and that hamper the development of worker-owned cooperatives.

It is time to get mad, to recognize that we are in the middle of a class war that ordinary folks have been losing for a long time, and to begin to fight back. Insist that jobs and the well-being of workers and families are the primary issues. Tax the super-rich. Tax capital gains. Stop corporations from buying elections and politicians. Allow unions to organize. Regulate the banks and wall street. Enable worker-owned cooperatives and corporations. Stop obscene CEO pay. Raise the minimum wage to a level that supports a family. Throw out the politicians (of both parties) who won’t help.

It’s time to get mad.


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